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Punching Ball For Reflex and Boxing Speed Training


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Do not overinflate bag, it will combust.


Benefits of Speed Bag Training

Other than being able to channel your inner Rocky, there are a ton of benefits to using a speed bag. Here are some of the benefits of hitting the bag:

  • Improved endurance – the speed bag isn’t going to stop until you do, meaning that you’re ultimately in a battle against yourself.
  • Improved coordination – a speed bag is a relatively small surface to hit, making it an excellent training aid for hand-eye coordination.
  • Improved accuracy
  • Better punching power – most boxers make the mistake of thinking that it’s only heavy bag training that will improve their punching power. However, speed bag training does have an overall impact. With speed bag training, you’ll be able to throw strong accurate punches faster, making you unstoppable.
  • Become faster with both hands
  • Improve your pacing techniques – as you build your endurance, your pacing will become better as well.

Boxing speed ball

Size: Approx 180*40*Dia20cm

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boxing ball


Boxing ball


As the picture


Approx 180*40 cm


Approx 20 cm


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