Budget Build w/ Analysis of Sales & Revenue

Most gyms I have worked with rely on mental notes from the years prior when it comes to budgeting. Lack of budget planning with the right tools is the number 1 reasons gyms fail. 

Web Site Services:
SEO, Affiliate Set up,
E-commerce, Drop Ship

Don’t rely on a FB page and Instagram to drive your business. Build a web site that generates clients, sells your products and services, and makes money while you sit back and collect it. 

Implementation of CRM

If you aren’t using the RIGHT client management tool, appointment tracker, you are losing money that could be in your pocket. 

Full Business Assessment

New or failing business? It’s time for a deep analysis of why you are not making money. 

Financial Forecasting

This is what sets Fit Hot Mess Consulting apart from other consulting companies-we have a Wharton grad with a CPA ready to create your financial forecast model. Don’t offer discounts, promos or make large purchases without knowing the short and long term effects. Understand how each discount affects your monthly P/L.