Don't have your head in the clouds when it comes to your budget.

What we can do to make sure you know your bottom line
BEFORE you spend money you don't really have.

“The Best Way to Stick to a Budget is to Start One”

The first step to understanding your budget for today is knowing what was spent for the same service, item, vendor or utility the year prior. 

Nearly every client we meet has the same bottom line issue, whether they know it or not-they didn’t estabilish a solid foundation to build upon and now they are spending money without knowing if it’s going to bring them any rate of return. 

If you haven’t pulled and analyzed the past two to three years of expenses, sales, markets, and promo impacts, you will continue to throw good money after bad. Don’t worry-we can help. 

The first step our consultant will take is to meet with your office manager and bookkeeper-if you are using one to extract as much data from your bookkeeping system or data sheets as possible. 

Our consultant will begin by breaking down all your expenses into categories and subcategories, making it easier for your office manager and accountant to file taxes. After the data is populated into our specialized template, our consultant will create a projected expense report so you have numbers to work with before buying expensive equipment, granting raises or investing in marketing.

Next step is for our consultant to extract all your sources of income and break the data into categories. From this, our consultant will create a projected income sheet. 

These powerful tools will allow you to forecast what you can spend on each category moving forward without fear of overspending.

Don’t write checks without knowing how your decisions effect the bottom line!

What are you waiting for…