Full business Assessment Customized to Your Business Model

Being aware of your risks and business gaps puts you in control of your business’s success.  A full assessment will provide you with the necessary information so you can make wise financial, marketing and staffing decisions. 

Upon completion of your assessment, you will receive a series of useful deliverables identifying issues versus risk, training and marketing gaps, and suggestions on the best way to address them.

Owning a business is easy.
Getting a business to flourish takes expertise.

Marketing/ Branding 

Do you know the impacts?

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Systems and Finance

Are your systems optimized for success? Do you know your financial forecast for the next 2 years?

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Business Operations

Can your business survive when you aren't there 24/7?

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We offer following add-ons:

Potential Deliverables:

Budget analysis 

Issue/Risk Log

Marketing Plan

Vendor Communication Plan

Proposed Project Plan – a document that identifies every task, resource, cost, and milestone-that can be handed off to staff to carry-out the tasks

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